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Who is ATHA?
ATHA stands for the combined talents, creative energy and resources of over 4,000 fiber artists across the globe; and exists to help people express themselves through fiber art.

Let ATHA start you on your personal creative journey today...ATHA leads the way in providing resources across the globe for everyone who has an interest in rug hooking—whether you just pulled your first loop or have been rug hooking for years. We truly believe the creativity of our members with their broad and diverse experience will inspire you! This creative energy is what keeps ATHA members abreast of the latest ideas and resources available to this art form. This large pool of resources gives everyone the tools they need to be a part of this grand tradition of self-expression.

As a creative member of this global community you
will be a part of

  • Bimonthly Color Newsletter
  • Biennial Conventions
  • State of the Art Website
  • Two Regional Rug Schools
  • Global Workshops
  • Regional Rug Shows
  • Regional Rug Challenges
  • 70+Local chapters
  • Largest Lending Library of Hooking Related Resources

With over 3,000 members, most likely there is an ATHA chapter or member in your community!

Creative community is the most unique and greatest benefits of ATHA membership.  leaves

This opportunity is to be a part of a local ATHA chapter near you. Over 80 ATHA chapters are in existence today and more are being started all the time! The chapters form this creative community with having regular meetings, special programs, educational resources, public shows and hook-ins! 

Once you become a part of the ATHA community, you will be amazed at the wealth of information and encouragement each ATHA chapter and the bimonthly color newsletter provides its members. We hope you will attend a local ATHA meeting in your community so you can experience firsthand the creative talents of our members!

ATHA is the Association of Traditional Hooking
Artists. . . Join Us and Get Hooked!

Click Here to read about the history of ATHA.

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ATHA Home Page

For information and forms for
Regional Representatives go to
In the Loop!


ATHA Chapter Information

Region 1 Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Region 2 New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

Region 3 Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C. and West Virginia

Region 5 Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina

Region 6 Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio

Region 7 Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Manitoba

Region 8 Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota

Region 9 Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas

Region 10 Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming and Saskatchewan & Alberta, Canada

Region 11 Alaska, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, Canada

Region 12 Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada and New Mexico

Region 13 Ontario and Quebec, Canada

Region 14 Overseas, such as UK, Netherlands

Region 15 Atlantic Provinces, such as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada

Region 16 Australia and New Zealand

Region 17 Japan

We have a total of 78 active chapters spread around North America. Above is a list of 17 Regions and their chapters. If you would like to join a chapter near you, just contact the president listed for the nearest ATHA chapter. If there is no chapter near you and you have a group of at least five rug hookers who would like to form a chapter, please contact your Regional Representative for the appropriate forms to submit.

Or get in touch with:

Lisanne Miller
ATHA Regional Coordinator