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This tip is from Jan Peckenpaugh, who is a member of the Houston ATHA Rug Hookers Chapter, Region 9.

This week's rug hookin tip comes from Amzi Collins, Lake Charles, LA (REGION 9)  a member of ATHA since 1983.

This tip is courtesy of Jill Hurd


This tip comes to us from Katie Allman


Trouble with excess wool dust?  Try this.

This tip courtesy of Pam Herrington.


 Tip Courtesy of Deb Burcin

Repurposing Cut Strips, Part 1 by Gene Shepherd


Here is a tip from Martha Lowry.


Quick & Easy Strip Sorter - submitted by Gene Shepherd on behalf of Shirley Dillard



Pressing A Finished Piece, Tip #1, Original tip from June Mikoryak with photos by Gene Shepherd

This Tip brought to you by the ATHA Board.

Zipper Stitch Technique For Very Wide Cuts:  Tip and photos by Gene Shepherd


Noodles, Organized and Without Dust! (Tip and photo from Gene Shepherd via the Crescent Lane Rug Hookers)


This week the tip and photos are from Gene Shepherd


This tip comes from Shirley Stiewel, Murrieta, CA - photos by Gene Shepherd

This Tip of the Week comes from Linda Green with permission from Jenny Podlasek


This Tip is from Martha Lowry 


This Tip comes from Sibyl Osicka

How to Hold Your Hook

This Tip is from Tricia Travis

Hooking Floral Vines Using Different Wool Selections to Create an Aged Look in Your Rug

This Tip comes from Sibyl Osicka

Taking Your Project With You

This Tip Comes from Tricia Travis.

Hiding “Tails” on the Straight Edge of the Flag

This Tip is from Sybil Osicka

How to Hook Smooth Rows

This week's tip comes from Linda Green with Anita White's permission.

Stay Organized

Thank you to Susan Feller for submitting this tip.

Thank you to Cynthia Norwood for this Beginner's Tip.

Thank you to Martha Lowry for this week's tip.

Here is another useful tip.  Thank you to Cynthia Norwood for submitting this one.

Thank you to Martha Lowry for this week's tip.

Using Glad Press 'n Seal

This tip comes from Cynthia Norwood.

We all love to use sparkle wool to add a little bling to our holiday projects. There have been times when I have hooked sparkle wool, only to find that the sparkle quickly disappeared from my rug! What could I have done wrong?

This rug hooking tip comes from Adrienne Dykes, a member of the Hidden Hills Hookers.  She lives in McKinney, Texas, where she  teaches rug hooking and opperates Cal Creations Rug Hooking and Antiques.