2017 Biennial Cleveland Ohio!

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Don't forget you can still shop the vendors and check out the fabulous Fiber Arts Show on

October 12 - 14, 2017

that is Thursday - Saturday for a $10 day pass.



Play Hooky in Cleveland

2017 ATHA Biennial

October 11 thru 14, 2017


In order to register you will need to have your Member Account set up on the website.  You will need this Member Log-In to register.  Go to the website at www.atharugs.com and click on the Member Log In at the top right corner of the page.  If you have any problems with this process, please email us at wrrh119@gmail.com

Also, you will not be able to register a friend on your account, as each registration is done individually by your Member Log In.  You can register under their account if you have their information.  You will be able to register your spouse if they are coming.

You will be paying for the registration via PayPal and you do not need a PayPal account to check out.  You will check out as a guest.

There is a $75 fee to register for the entire Biennial event.  This does not include Special Events such as; the Alumni Luncheon, Auction Night/Dinner, Guest Speaker/Dinner and Tours. Those tickets are an additional cost to attend.  There are limited seats to those Special Events and Tours. 

There is a $75 fee per day for classes and all classes run all day 9:30 – 3:00.  Therefore, you will only be able to attend one (1) per day.  If a class is full, you can be put on a waiting list, you can also try for your second or third choice for that day.  Lunch is included with this fee.

The class material fee will be paid directly to the teacher.  The teacher will contact you if you made it into their class.  Please do not email the teachers. 

Tickets for $10 per person will be available at the door for a one-day pass on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to the Vendors Marketplace and the Fiber Arts Exhibit.  Registered guests (those that pay the $75 registration fee) will be allowed access on all days Wednesday - Saturday.

We want everyone to have a great experience in Cleveland and we have been working very hard to make sure you have a great time.  

 If you have any questions, please email us at wrrh119@gmail.com


2017 Biennial Registration Information - updated 2-14-17

2017 Biennial Tour Information

2017 Fiber Art Exhibit Form


Here are some things to check off your list before registration

  • Plan out what you want to do during the event.  There are some fabulous tours, an auction night dinner, our guest speaker dinner with Deanne Fitzpatrick from Nova Scotia and so much more.

  • You will need to have a member login and password to register on the 16th.  The member login is your email.  Make sure you have set up an account at www.atharugs.com by going to the Member Log In at the top right corner of the page.

  • If you do not have an email address, you can make a free account by going to https://mail.google.com/ 
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  • Your email address is the one you gave when you signed up for ATHA when you became a member.  If you do not know your password, click on Request Password.  You will be sent an email from Heidi with a link to reset your password.  You must click on the link in the email to to reset it.

  • You will pay with PayPal but you do not need an account.  You will check out as a guest and use your credit card. If you have an account you can use it.

  • If you have picked a class and it is full by the time you pay (remember there are multiple people all registering at the same time), you will be given notice that the class is full and you can then sign up to be on the waiting list.

  • There is a $75 fee to register for the Biennial event.  This does not include Special Events such as; the Alumni Luncheon, Auction Night/Dinner, Guest Speaker/Dinner.  There is also limited seats to those Special Events.

  • Class material fees will be paid directly to the teacher in advance of the Biennial. Teachers will be contacting registered students, please do not email your teacher until they contact you.

  • If we do not have you listed as a member, you will be charged the non-member price, so it is imperative to set up your account with ATHA to be sure that you are a member.  

  • If your email has changed, please notify me at wrrh119@gmail.com right away so we can get it fixed in the system.

  • If you decide to take a tour or attend any of the other events, days or months after you have registered, you can go back in to your account and add these items.  Please note, the tickets are limited, so don't delay.

  • Gluten Free meals are available.  There is a checkbox on each class for this option.  There is also an option to choose gluten free for the all of the dinners except for the Meet and Greet.

  • Tickets for $10 per person will be available at the door for a one-day pass on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to the Vendors Marketplace and the Fiber Arts Exhibit.  Registered guests (those that pay the $75 registration fee) will be allowed access on all days Wednesday - Saturday.

  • All cancellations have a $75 fee with written notice, if received before July 1, 2017.

  • No refunds after July 1, 2017.



Here is more info about the event:

The 2017 ATHA Biennial will be held at the Holiday Inn 6001 Rockside Rd, Independence, OH, home to Michael’s Grille and within walking/driving distance of many restaurants.  Free self-parking as well as a free shuttle to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) from 6 am – 11 pm are available.  Call the Holiday Inn 216.524.8050 for room reservations.  Mention ATHA 2017 Biennial to get the special room rate of $99.00 + tax, per night.  Check out their website at www.holidayinn.co/independence for more information.


2017 Biennial Registration Cost per person Notes Total  Cost
ATHA Member $75 Includes Fiber Art Exhibit,
Vendor Marketplace, Evening
Events  & Welcome Bag.
ATHA Member Spouse $50 Includes Fiber Art Exhibit,
Vendor Marketplace and Evening Events.  Does not include a Welcome Bag.
Non-Member $101 You will be registered as a member and receive
the ATHA magazine.
Non-member Spouse $50 Includes Fiber Art Exhibit, Vendor Marketplace and
Evening Events.  Does not include a Welcome Bag.
Classes Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Thursday, October 12, 2017
Friday, October 13, 2017
Saturday, October 14, 2017
$75 Registration Fee Per Class $75 $75 $75
Special Events Cost per person Number of Tickets Total  Cost

ATHA Alumni Luncheon
Wed. Oct. 11 - 11:30 AM

Registration Required

Classic Caesar
Salad and Chicken Tosca

$22 per person


Taste of Cleveland
Meet & Greet
Wed. Oct. 11 - 5:30 PM

Registration Required

$25 per person

Live Auction Night Dinner
Fri. Oct. 13 - 6:30 PM

Registration Required

Pretzel Chicken
$36 per person


Home Style Meatloaf
$36 per person


Vegetarian Mac-N-Cheese
$36 per person


Dinner with Guest Speaker
Deanne Fitzpatrick
Sat. Oct. 14 - 6:00 PM

Registration Required

Beef Steak Pinot Noir
$40 per person

Orange Roughy
$40 per person
Pasta Primavera
$40 per person
Daily Tours Cost per person Number of Tickets Total  Cost

Tour #1
Wednesday 10/11/17
Cultural Cleveland
9:30 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Registration Required


Tour #2
Thursday 10/12/17
Upscale Shopping and
 Lake Erie Wine Trail
9:30 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Registration Required


Tour #3
Friday 10/13/17
Cleveland's Ethnic Markets
8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Registration Required


Tour #4
Saturday 10/14/17
Authentic Cleveland
9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Registration Required



To help in planning for the event, we are also providing this worksheet for you to map out your schedule for each day. 

Please note - classes are all day from 9:30 am - 3:00 pm.  You can register for one class session per day.

7:00 AM Committee Chairs Meeting
(Room 277)
Committee Chairs Meeting
(Room 277)
Committee Chairs Meeting
(Room 277)
Committee Chairs Meeting
(Room 277)
8:00 AM   Registration Open
(Hallway outside Ballroom 1)
Registration Open
(Hallway outside Ballroom 1)

Tour #3
Cleveland's Ethinic Markets
Registration Required
Additional Cost
Registration Open
(Hallway outside Ballroom 1)
9:00 AM

Registration Open
(Hallway outside
Ballroom 1)

Fiber Art Exhibit Opens
(Ballroom 3 & 4)

Vendors Open (Ballroom 3 & 4)
"Many Hands" Rug available to
work on  (Auctioned off
tomorrow night)
Fiber Art Exhibit Opens
(Ballroom 3 & 4)

Vendors Open (Ballroom 3 & 4)
"Many Hands" Rug available
to work on  (Auctioned off tonight)
Fiber Art Exhibit Opens
(Ballroom 3 & 4)

Vendors Open
(Ballroom 3 & 4)
9:30 AM

Tour # 1
Cultural Cleveland
Registration Required
Additional Cost

Tour #2
Upscale Shopping &
Lake Erie Wine Trail
Registration Required
Additional Cost

Classes Begin
Allman, Batastini, Bond,
Norwood, Osicka, Powell,
Rippstein, Shepherd, Smith,
Travis, Twigg

Classes begin
Batastini, Bennett, Bonanomi,
Carter, Dufresne & Norwood,
Duizer, Jones, Miller, Powers,
Reed, Shaffer, Smith

Tour #4
Authentic Cleveland
Registration Required
Additional Cost

Classes begin
 Allen-Krauss, Bollenbach,
Dufresne, Guilliani, Martin, McDermet, Tobias, Manges, Nieberding, White
10:00 AM   Hookers Hideway Opens
 (room behind restaurant bar)
Hookers Hideway Opens
 (room behind restaurant bar)
Hookers Hideaway Opens
 (room behind restaurant bar)
11:30 AM ATHA Board Alumni Luncheon
Additional Cost
Registration Required

(Ballroom 1)
12:00 PM   Lunch for class attendees
 (Ballroom 1)
Lunch for class attendees
 (Ballroom 1)
Lunch for class attendees
 (Ballroom 1)
1:00 PM   Classes Resume from lunch
Classes Resume from lunch
Classes Resume from lunch
2:00 PM Fiber Art Exhibit Opens
(Ballroom 3 & 4)

Vendor Marketplace Opens
(Ballroom 3 & 4) for Registered Guests

Hookers Hideway Opens
(room behind restaurant bar)

"Many Hands" Rug
available to work on
3:00 PM    Classes end for the day
 Classes end for the day
Classes End for the day
Fiber Art Exhibit Closes

Vendor Marketplace Closes
4:00 PM ATHA Regional Representative Meeting (Independence Room) Silent Auction Begins
UPS Office opens
(Coat Room near Ballroom #1)
4:30 PM   ATHA Magazine Meeting 
Board Room #277
5:00 PM Fiber Art Exhibit Closes
Vendor Marketplace Closes
5:30 PM Taste of Cleveland
Meet & Greet
Additional Cost
Registration Required

(Ballroom 1 & 2)
  Cash Bar Opens
(Ballroom 1 & 2)
Cash Bar Opens
(Ballroom 1 & 2)
6:00 PM   Fiber Art Exhibit Closes
Vendor Marketplace Closes
Fiber Art Exhibit Closes
Vendor Marketplace Closes
Guest Speaker Dinner
Additional Cost
Registration Required

(Ballroom 1 & 2)
6:30 PM    

Auction Night Dinner
Additional Cost
Registration Required

(Ballroom 1 & 2)

7:00 PM General Membership Meeting
(Broadview Heights Room)
    7:15 PM - Keynote Speaker
 Deanne Fitzpatrick
Additional Cost
Registration Required - See Dinner above at 6 PM
7:30 PM     Live Auction Begins
(Ballroom 1 & 2)

Special Events

Alumni Luncheon – Oct. 11- 11:30  
Additional Cost and Registration Required – Limited Seating

  • Classic Caesar Salad with Parmesan Croutons & Dressings; and
  • Chicken Tosca (Chicken Breast sautéed in an Herb Parmesan Batter with Lemon Buerre Blanc); and
  • Yukon Gold Potatoes with Parsley Butter; and
  • Broccoli with Lemon Butter Crumbs; or
  • Gluten Free Choice – Roast Herb Chicken


Taste of Cleveland – Meet and Greet – Oct. 11 – 6:00   
Additional Cost and Registration Required

This is buffet style.

  • Cleveland Whiskey Meatballs
  • Hot Pretzels with Great Lakes Beer Cheese
  • Pierogis with Sautéed Onions
  • Glazed Kielbasa & Pineapple Skewers
  • Sauerkraut Balls with Cocktail Sauce
  • Fresh Garden Vegetables & Pita Chip & Assorted Dips
  • Classic Cheese Display, Fresh Fruits, & Crackers


Auction Night Dinner – Oct. 13 – 7:00 
Additional Cost and Registration Required – Limited Seating

  • Pretzel Chicken with Dijon Mustard Sauce; or
  • Home Style Meatloaf with Tomato Glaze; or
  • Classic House Salad – Mixed Greens, Tomato, Cucumber & Dressings; and
  • Whipped Potatoes; and
  • Peas & Carrots; and
  • Ice Cream Sundae; or
  • Gluten Free Option – Citrus Chicken with Fruit Chutney


Guest Speaker Dinner – Oct. 14 – 6:00 
Additional Cost and Registration Required – Limited Seating

  • Beef Steak Pinot Noir (10 oz herb marinated flat iron steak with wild mushroom Pino Noir sauce); or
  • Baked Orange Roughy (Parmesan Cheese Crumb Topping & Lemon Pepper Sauce); or
  • Pasta Primavera (Penne Pasta with Alfredo Cream Sauce, Zucchini, Yellow Squash, Onions, Tomatoes, Parmesan Cheese and fresh herbs.); and
  • Mixed Green Salad (with craisins, mandarin oranges, red onions & walnuts & dressing); and
  • Oven Roasted Red Skin Potatoes; and
  • Squash Medley; and
  • Chocolate Tuxedo Mousse Cake; or
  • Gluten Free Option - Beef Steak with Sautéed Mushrooms


Tour Information

Cultural Cleveland – Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - $79 per person
Registration Required

Departs hotel at 9:30 a.m.   Returns to hotel at 4:00 p.m.

This tour will start with a visit to the historical site where Moses Cleaveland (yes, that is how it was spelled back then), actually landed in 1796.  We will have a walking tour of the brand new, park-like Public Square with a $50-million-dollar redesign in the heart of downtown Cleveland.  Then off to University Circle, the greatest cultural square mile in the U.S.  Afterwards, we will arrive at the world class Cleveland Museum of Art where we will be welcomed by the Textile Art Alliance and have a docent-led tour of this amazing site. Their interactive Collection Wall touch screen is 5 feet high and 40 feet wide (largest in the U.S.), displaying 4,000+ artworks from the permanent gallery.  The next stop will be lunch in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood at Nido's Italian Restaurant & Trattoria.  There will be time to shop in the little shops and a winery.  The tour will be completed with a guided tour of Lakeview Cemetery.  Listed on the national register of historic places, Lakeview Cemetery is the final resting place of several famous people including; President James A. Garfield, Eliot Ness, and John D. Rockefeller.  We will also get to visit the inspirational Wade Chapel that has an interior constructed with glass by the famous Tiffany Company. 


Upscale Shopping & Lake Erie Wine Trail - Thursday, October 12, 2017 - $69 per person
Registration Required

Departs hotel at 9:30 a.m.   Returns to hotel at 4:00 p.m.

Upscale Resale is all the rage.  Come with us as we hunt for great bargains and surprising finds as Cleveland is awash in amazing Upscale Resale shops.  We will visit different shops that have been pre-selected and are opening their doors with special discounts, door prizes and snacks just for us.  (Our 2017 Biennial ID lanyards will let the shops know who to give the real deals to!  We will take a mid-day break for lunch (all included) at the Grand River Cellars Winery in the heart of Ohio’s Wine Country.  After lunch, we will shop our way back to the hotel. 


Cleveland’s Ethnic Markets - Friday, October 13, 2017 - $39 per person
Registration Required

Departs hotel at 8:00 a.m.   Returns to hotel at 3:00 p.m.

Join us for Ethnic Market Day!  Cleveland’s international heritage is well represented by the many shops that still offer rich food traditions and customs of their native lands.  Here is your chance to see the places and taste the different ethnic foods.  You will also learn the history and cultures that makes Cleveland a wonderful mosaic of people.  Our special Ethnic Market Day Tour will visit German, Italian, Greek specialty import shops with extended time at the famous Westside Market circa 1840.  We will have time for lunch, on your own, in the Ohio City District, named one of the top 10 bar hopping areas in the World.  Our special day will combine shopping and history to give you a unique view of the rich tapestry of cultures and heritage that make Cleveland, “The Best Location in the Nation”.


Authentic Cleveland - Saturday, October 14, 2017 - $79 per person
Registration Required

Departs hotel at 9:30 a.m.   Returns to hotel at 2:30 p.m.

Come feel like a teenager again as we visit the world-famous Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  Cleveland won a national competition to have this unique attraction dedicated to music.  The building plaza was created to look like a 45 Phonograph turntable.  There is so much to see it is a sensory overload as there are 7 floors of displays and items donated (or on loan) by Rock Legends and Groups.  There are interactive hands-on exhibits showing actual footage of classic performances and a gift shop that offers all genres of music from rock to polka, soul, gospel, punk, blues and more.  In addition to rock memorabilia, clothing, souvenirs, cd’s, dvd’s, movies and they even offer vinyl albums if your turntable still works.  After this delightful trip down a music memory lane, we will enjoy a two-hour luncheon cruise aboard the Nautica Queen, Cleveland’s elegant cruise ship.  We will enjoy a wonderful buffet with a narrated sightseeing cruise along the shore of Lake Erie, seeing the growing skyline of Cleveland (bring your camera!).



There will be a total of 30 classes offered this year.  In addition to the material fees listed at the end of each class description, each class will require a $75 class fee that includes lunch at the hotel, on the day of your class.  Material fees should be paid directly to the teacher in advance of the Biennial.  Teachers will be contacting registered students, please do not email your teacher until they contact you.

Here are the classes at a glance.  More descriptive information is below the chart.


Thursday Classes - October 12, 2017  9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Teacher Course Name Course Number Material Fee
Katie Allman Walleyed Whimsey T1 $75
Norma Batastini Rufus Porter Overmantels T2 $85
Anne Bond Spinort T3 $85
Cynthia Norwood Beauty of Primitives T4 $68
Sibyl Osicka Halloween Adventure T5 $86
Linda Powell Holly & Berry T6 $34
Judith Rippstein Fancy Fruit in Creative Stitches T7 $65
Gene Shepherd Dump Dye Rooster T8 $135
Rebekah L. Smith Wooly Box - Wool Applique T9 $95
Tricia Travis Halloween Greeting T10 $99
Caroline Twigg Keedysville Floral Primitive Flowers T11 $100
Friday Classes - October 13, 2017  9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Teacher Course Name Course Number Material Fee
Norma Batastini Exploring Color, A Hands on Approach F1 $95
Donna Bennett Sea of Wool Whales F2 $110
Maggie Bonanomi Step into My Garden Wool Applique F3 $85
Judy Carter Great Horned Owl F4 $90
Gail Dufresne &
Cynthia Norwood
Teacher Training F5 $20
Marjorie Duizer Pictorial in a Day F6 $50
Angela Jones Jack O'Lamb Punch Needle F7 $60
Lisanne Miller Trio of Trees F8 $95
Vivily Powers Poppy A-La-O'Keeffe F9 $115
Betsy Reed Primitive Pumpkin with Torn Strips F10 $125
Annette Shaffer Quillie Santa or Stocking F11 $34
Saturday Classes - October 14, 2017  9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Teacher Course Name Course Number Material Fee
Stephanie Allen-Krauss The American Geometric S1 $18
Cheryl Bollenbach Jack be Nimble S2 $95
Gail Dufresne Mixed Media Sheep S3 $95
Sarah Guiliani 3D Pumpkins and Corn S4 $150
Carrie Martin Proddy Edge Back Pillow S5 $55
Kris McDermet,
Christine Manges
 & Dianne Tobias
After Hooking Comes Braiding S6 $20
Teresa Nieberding Pumpkin and Sheep Needle Felting S7 $27
Anita White Twist and Vine S8 $90



2017 Biennial Class Descriptions


There will be a total of 30 classes offered this year.  In addition to the material fees listed at the end of each class description, each class will require a $75 class fee that includes lunch at the hotel, on the day of your class.  Material fees should be paid directly to the teacher in advance of the Biennial.  Teachers will be contacting registered students, please do not email your teacher until they contact you.


“The American Geometric” – Course S1   

Stephanie Allen-Krauss, VT  

S. Krauss

Enjoy a bit of history as you draw a design, choose a color scheme and begin hooking your own American Geometric! In this class you will explore a piece of our rug-hooking heritage with Stephanie as she shares her knowledge and experience of geometrics. Through her 40 years of repairing rugs Stephanie has developed a special appreciation for those dating back to the late 1800s and has compiled a collection of designs that she will teach you to replicate. Through class discussion, photographs, and handouts students will be given specific information on how to draw geometric designs that can be developed during class. For Students who don’t want to draw, a 14”x14” pattern on linen will be available for purchase. Width of cuts to be used is #8. Color planning will be developed from the wool students bring and from wool available for purchase from the teacher. Students will be contacted prior to the class with more specific information. Material fee $18


“Walleyed Whimsy” – Course T1

Katie Allman, OH

K. Allman

Learn to incorporate handspun yarns and fibers in your hooking as you create a one of a kind, original accent pillow perfect for a cabin/lake retreat décor or just plain summer fun.  The fish measures approximately 12”x23” and guarantees to be a big catch! Class will include instruction of fiber content and construction of project. You will also learn some fun facts about the history and fishing industry here in our Great Lakes. Kit includes background linen, poly-fill silk stuffing, pearl cotton, needle and choice of wool for the back of the pillow. Fiber packs will be available for an additional cost according to contents. Material fee $75


“Exploring Color, A Hands on Approach” – Course F1

Norma Batastini, NJ

 N. Batastini color

Take an in-depth look at color theory by exploring two color wheels and the many color harmonies possible. With this knowledge and the teacher’s expertise, students will color plan a small pattern and begin hooking. Each student will have a kit including linen pattern, dyed color swatches, color wheels and other color tools. Choice of pattern (decoy fish 8x18, owl 12x12 or pineapple 9x14 all suitable for #4-8 cuts) and different wools to guarantee each design will be unique. Wool is included for the main motif, wool for the background is optional and will be extra. Teacher will contact students after registration. Material fee $95


“Rufus Porter Overmantels” – Course T2

Norma Batastini, NJ

N. Batastini Overmantels

Rufus Porter was an 18th century muralist who painted charming scenes in homes throughout New England. Overmantels, small scenes painted on the walls directly above fireplaces, were very popular. The class will include a lecture about Rufus Porter and tips for hooking the backgrounds in his style. Class will include the pattern on linen (10”x40” suitable for #4-8 cuts) and wool for the buildings and trees. There will be a variety of wool to choose from so all will be different. Wool for the background will be available to purchase during class. Teacher will contact students after registration. Material fee $85


“Sea of Wool Whales” – Course F2

Donna Bennett, OH

D. Bennett Whale

This is a unique class designed especially for the 2017 Biennial. Donna will instruct you on how to combine your hooking and appliqué in one piece by starting with a 16”x28” piece of wool for your backing. A #8 cut will be used and 4 embroidery stitches will be included with the appliqué instruction.  Kit will include wool, Valdani threads, needles and freezer paper. Student should bring hooking frame, favorite hook and scissors.  Material fee $110


“Jack be Nimble” – Course S2

Cheryl Bollenbach, CO

C. Bollenbach

This will be a fun 3-D class featuring a jack-o-lantern jumping over a battery-operated candlestick. Jack has a hooked and sculpted face that students should be able to complete in class. The face will be hand stitched to a pre-assembled body. He is wired with arms and legs and is attached to the candlestick holder so that it appears he is jumping over the candlestick. Kit contains everything except batteries. This is a very packable figure that will detach from the candlestick for travel. Material fee $95



“Step into My Garden” Wool Appliqué – Course F3

Maggie Bonanomi, MO

M. Bonanomi

If you step into Maggie’s garden, you’ll find lots of way to make your appliqué skills bloom. You will be using hand-dyed wools on a fat quarter of wool in this class. The kit will include the pattern (approximately 16”x27”) and all wool. Maggie will share short cuts and tips to make appliquéing easy, as well as how to cut out pieces without using a pattern, ideas for the use of the mat, and talk about color. Student should bring to class a needle, thread, scissors and pins. Material fee $85


“Spinort” – Course T3

Anne Bond, MI

Join Anne in this hooking techniques and mixed media class and enjoy working with her on a bright and lively piece designed especially for the 2017 Biennial. She will have an 8”x12” pattern drawn on linen. You will be trying your hand at painting with wool, pixilating, Waldoboro, proddy and incorporating sari ribbon into your piece to make it your own. This pattern can be hooked in #’s3-4-5, or #’s5-6-7.   Kit includes pattern, all wool for completing the project and an in-depth hand out packet. Material fee $85


“Great Horned Owl” – Course F4

Judy Carter, PA


J. Carter

Students will learn to see details in their visual aids and use textured, as-is wool to create a realistic horned owl. This class will focus on feathers but the skills and techniques taught can be used to add realism to any hooked project. Kit includes an 11”x14” pattern on rug warp, wool for owl and a visual aid. Background wool is not included. A few #3 cuts will be used around the eyes. #4 & #5 cuts recommended for the rest of the owl. A #6 can be used but will not create as many details. Material fee $90


“Mixed Media Sheep” – Course S3

Gail Dufresne, NJ

G. Dufresne

Have fun while learning the technique of standing wool circles, or quillies, and much more. Both the top of this sheep’s head, and her body, are made with standing wool circles, or quillies. You will learn the technique of making quillies and then how to expand on this technique to create shapes other than circles to fit into a particular area. You will also learn how to prod, how to hook a painted sky, and how to make and attach piping to an edge. You will use materials other than 100% wool, including funky and fabulous wool blends and wool boucle, roving, novelty yarns and velvet.   Although my sheep adorns the top of a footstool, the footstool is not included in the kit, nor is the material used on the side of the footstool. Included in the kit is the top sheep design on linen, the materials to make the top sheep design, and the velvet piping around the edge. Fee for the top sheep design on linen with all of the materials to complete the top sheep design as well as the pink velvet piping.  Material fee $95


"Teacher Training” – Course F5

Gail Dufresne, NJ

Cynthia Norwood, TX

Imagine a special class with two master instructors who have taught coast to coast, sharing with you their secrets for success. Imagine them helping you become the best teacher you can be by revealing things they learned through trial and error over years of teaching. Surprise guest instructors will drop by to answer your questions. This is not a how-to-hook class, but rather a session on how to run a class; how to start a business; how to avoid pitfalls; how to deal with problem students; how to buy and sell supplies; how to vend, etc. Discussion will include areas important to those wanting to teach and learning the difference between rug camps and private workshops; easy ways to introduce color planning and dyeing; and how to get and keep students. This might be a class you’d like even if you don’t want to teach right now. Open discussion and Q&A will rule the day. Material fee $20


“Pictorial in a Day” – Course F6

Marjorie Duizer, Canada

M. Duizer

Imagine a fun, mini pictorial that you can finish in one day! This piece will be designed from a photo you bring to class. After registration, Marjorie will be in contact with students regarding which photos are suitable. Your finished hooked piece will be approximately 3”x4”. These minis will be hooked with #2 and #3 cuts. Marjorie will bring a #2 blade, but you need to bring your hooking equipment. The fee includes rug warp backing, a permanent marker, mat ready to mount your finished piece, written instructions and enough wool to complete your project. Don’t be frightened away by the size; try something new. Material fee $50


“3D Pumpkins and Corn” – Course S4

Sarah Guiliani, ME

S. Guiliani

Sarah’s class will focus on hooking a large 3D pumpkin, a small 3D pumpkin and an ear of corn just in time for fall decorating. You will be using hand torn wool and the piece will include some mixed media. If you are not comfortable using hand torn wool, these projects can also be hooked in an #8 cut.  Your kit will include a 3 in one pattern on 24”x36” linen backing, dyed wools, silk, ribbons, velvets, buttons, and peduncle. This will be a fun learning class. Material fee $150


“Jack O’ Lamb” Punch Needle – Course F7

Angela Jones, KY

A. Jones

Have you wanted to try punch needle rug hooking using a size 8 ¼ " wool strips? If so, now's your chance to learn from Angela, who is a certified Oxford punch needle rug hooking instructor. You will be making this festive little 6”x6” lamb mat that can be finished in one class. The focus will be on the basic of punch needle rug hooking using wool rug yarn and wool strips, how to begin and how to finish a piece. The finished mat can be attached to the hornbook creating a basic punch needle rug hooking primer. Kit includes hand dyed 100% wool rug yarn, hand dyed 8¼” wool strips to complete project, design on 20”x20” cotton monks cloth and hornbook.  The punch needle frame and punch needle (Size 10 regular) are not included in the materials fee, but will be available to purchase the day of the class or you can bring your own. Angela will contact students after registration. Material fee $60


“Proddy Edge Back Pillow” – Course S5

Carrie Martin, LA

C. Martin

Have you ever been at rug camp, your back is hurting and wish you had a pillow?  I have a quick solution to your pain. The pillow stays in the perfect spot on your chair by means of a weight (all included.) Spend one evening to hook your pillow before class so we can finish it during class. You will enjoy using it at camps and anytime when your back needs a little support.  You will learn two techniques of finishing any item --one with proddy; the other is a surprise revealed at class. Students will be contacted before class.  Tools involved: Hook, scissors, rug hooking frame, spring clamp proddy tool.  Fee Includes pattern, wool, pillow back, proddy edge, weight bag, strap and quiltbatting.  Bring your left over wool strips to stuff your pillow.  Material fee $55


“After Hooking Comes Braiding” – Course S6

Kris McDermet, Christine Manges, Dianne Tobias

Braiding class

Learn the beautiful art of adding a braided border to your hooking. With the skills learned in class, students will be able to frame their wall, floor, or table rugs with one row of braid. The techniques apply to a round, oval or square cornered rug. Students come to class with two hooked pieces…one 7” round or oval hooked center and one 7” square hooked center and their own matching or complimentary wool for braiding. The square may not be finished in class due to time but there will be a demo for this with detailed written instructions. Hooking designs, colors and cuts on the round, oval or square centers are the student’s choice. The kit will include clothespin, safety pins, straight pins, lacing thread, hemostat, detailed written instructions with diagrams, hand sewing needle and thread, and tapestry needle.  Students will need a Braid Stand or Braid Clamp and these will be an additional charge. Teachers will contact students after registration with more details. Material fee $20


“Trio of Trees” – Course F8

Lisanne Miller, MS

L. Miller Trees

Trio of Trees is a unique workshop for those that like to experiment with different color palettes, textures, depth and dimension. Each of the 5”x7” trees offers an opportunity for the student to three different techniques and applications using #3, #4, #5 and #6 cuts. Learn to hook a bare tree with a stunning background to create mood and setting, a pine tree utilizing textures and applying snow to the bough with roving and yarn, and sculpting the tops of trees to create depth and dimension. You will also learn options for finishing the pieces. Kit consists of the pattern “Trio of Trees” on 36”x18” linen backing, wool packets for each tree, yarns and roving. Material fee $95


 “Pumpkin and Sheep” Needle Felting – Course S7

Teresa Nieberding, OH

T. Nieberding

Spend the day learning the art of needle felting making a fall pumpkin and sheep. The pumpkin will be a study in shading and sculpting and attaching elements. The pumpkin can be the tradition orange or white/light gray with a stem and leaf. With wool roving and wires you can felt a sheep that will stand firmly and decorate it a bell and ribbon for fun. Your sheep can be light or dark, maybe even multicolored-but definitely cute! You will want your own flock. Kit for both projects will include felting needles, foam, hand dyed roving and wire. Material fee $27


“Beauty of Primitives” – Course T4

Cynthia Norwood, TX

C. Norwood

Cynthia Norwood will be making a cameo appearance at this Biennial where you will learn her secrets for hooking a beautiful primitive. Discover the easy way to make small circles using wide cuts, how to use antique paisley and create interesting backgrounds. Finished size in photo is 20”x13” and can be used as a table runner, pillow or borders can be added to make a rug. Additional color options will be available for the flowers, berries and vase. Price includes linen pattern, handouts and wool for all motifs. Background wool is optional, but will be available for purchase. Suggested cuts for best results are 8, 8.5 or 9. Material fee $68


“Halloween Adventure” – Course T5

Sibyl Osicka, OH

S. Osicka

Spend the day with a master rug hooker learning the secrets of hooking realistic folds of fabric and how to hook cartoon eyes. This class will also focus on how to make this delightful Halloween scene into a wall hanging-just in time to add some whimsy to your Halloween decorating. Width of cut to be used is a #3. Material fees include a 20”x24” pattern on rug warp backing and wool for the witch only. (Pattern and complete kit with all wool for this project is available for an additional $102) Material fee $86


“Holly and Berry” – Course T6

Linda Powell, OH

L. Powell

This is a #3 fine cut, realistic Holly & Berry motif that includes a branch with touches of snow. The class will focus on hooking the pattern in a realistic style. We will be determining a light source and establishing shadows in addition to how to achieve contour and depth. Class time will include pencil shading and hooking a little on each area of the pattern as time allows. Wool will be provided for the main motif. Kit includes a 10”x10” rug warp pattern, hand-dyed wool for the motif, and handout complete with instruction details of what was covered in class. Background wool will be available but is not part of the kit price. Material fee $34


“Poppy A-La-O’Keeffe” – Course F9

Vivily Powers, CT

V. Powers

Learn to emulate Georgia O’Keeffe’s impressionistic style of painting on a linen backing using cross-swatching and wide cut to create the folds, pleats and fullness of poppy petals with special attention to the center. Included in your kit will be a 13”x13” linen pattern, wool swatches, spot, dip dyes for motif only. Background will be available in class to purchase. Color options will be provided to student prior to class and after registration. Material fee $115


“Primitive Pumpkin” Hooked With Torn Strips – Course F10

Betsy Reed, NY

B. Reed

Want to go primitive? Try your hand at tearing your strips for hooking to create this primitive pumpkin and add a primitive style braid around the edge to finish it off. Betsy’s 16”x26” pattern is drawn on linen backing and will provide enough wool to complete the project. A braiding clamp is not included in the Material but may be purchased for $20 from Betsy or you can bring your own. Material fee $125


“Fancy Fruit” in Creative Stitches – Course T7

Judith Rippstein, TX

J. Rippstein

Join Judith in a class that will focus on creative stitches that are simple and fun to use in rug hooking. “Fancy Fruit” is a 9”x12” rug mat hooked in #5 and #6 cuts. In this class you will learn 10 or more creative stitches that you will be able to apply in your own rugs. The kit includes the pattern drawn on rug warp and all the wool to complete your project. Material fee $65


“Quillie Santa or Stocking” – Course F11

Annette Shaffer, MI

A. Shaffer Santa     A Shaffer Stocking

Combine hooking and quilling to create a fun holiday project. You may choose to do either the Santa face, approximately 7" x 7" or the stocking, 6" x 11".   You will learn to make quillies in various shapes using assorted wools and textures.  For Santa you will hook the face and hat and use quillies for the beard. The stocking pattern offers two placement variations of hooking and quillies.  Your kit fee includes a paper pattern, detailed instructions, a photo and all the precut wool needed for your chosen project.  Annette will send a workshop prep letter after you register with all the details.  Material fee $34


“Dump Dye Rooster” – Course T8

Gene Shepherd, CA

G. Shepherd Rooster

Gene created Dump Dye Rooster by adapting and editing an original drawing by Elizabeth Black.  The 20” pattern, suitable for framing or to be used as a pillow, is on bleached primitive linen and is intended for dump dye wool in a #7 cut.  The class will focus on hooking realistic eyes, feet, and vegetation and, of course, how to use dump dyes to good effect.  While the design comes with a very simple border edge, optional borders can also be added.  The wool (1 yard total) contains five of Gene’s wonderful dump dyes plus enough extra wool for legs, comb and grass. ) No background or border wool is included with this kit.  Kit includes a 20”x 20” pattern and wool for the motif only. Pattern Material fee $135


“Wooly Box” Wool Appliqué – Course T9

Rebekah L. Smith, OH

R. Smith Box

In this class students will learn techniques for covering papier maché boxes with fabric and attaching a wool appliquéd piece to the lid.  Choices of oval or round boxes are provided in the kit as well as the wool for appliqué, pattern, floss, glue and brushes. Students need to bring scissors, pins and needles. You will learn simple wool applique stitching and work from original designs by Rebekah. Students will choose one of 3 design options for this class, and will be contacted prior to class for design and color choices. Also, students will be given part of the kit prior to class that will need to be completed beforehand. Material fee $95


“Halloween Greeting” – Course T10

Tricia Travis, TX

T. Travis

Enjoy creating a vintage postcard adaptation rug with Tricia using #6 and #8 cuts of wool. A mixture of textures and dyed wool is selected for this pattern. Discover the importance of textured wool and directional hooking in this style of rug. Pattern size is 14”x23” and is hand drawn on linen. Kit includes pattern, wool for project and visuals. Material fee $99


“Keedysville Floral” Primitive Flowers – Course T11

Caroline Twigg, MD

C. Twigg

In this primitive wide cut class students will work on an adapted antique pattern, Keedysville Floral. You will choose from a variety of wools and with Caroline’s help, you will create your own unique and special rug. Emphasis will be on the importance of color compatibility and the blending of textured wools in a variety of arrangements to create beautiful flowers and leaves. Kit includes a 21-½”x 30” pattern drawn on primitive linen, and wool to complete your rug. You will need to bring your #9 cutter blade and hooking equipment. Caroline teaches a fast pace class so every student should have some hooking experience. Material fee $100


 “Twist and Vine” – Course S8

Anita White, KS

A. White

Anita reinvents the classic Triple Cable Quilt Border stitch for a piece that can be used for a small rug, tablemat, pillow or even a bag. You will add a center vine hooked with wool & paisley. You may hook your piece the cut you want but #6 -#8.5 is recommended.  Come “Twist and Shout” with Anita hooking a classic sure to provide a fun day! Kit includes a 14’’x23” primitive linen pattern, 1 ¼ yards of wool (selection will vary to allow the students to personalize their piece) and a small piece of paisley. Cables will be in a variety of neutrals and background will be in a variety of darks. Material fee $90




2017 Biennial Fundraiser Items - click here for ordering info


Rug bag fundraiser                            


Rug Bag - $40

This bag has been custom designed to fit multiple hooked rugs and for ease of transport. Each bag has a beautifully embroidered paisley hook & a clear pocket with identification card. With a wide strap and a drawstring closer at the top this bag is a perfect addition to your rug hooking equipment.  Made in Cleveland, Ohio, USA  Price includes shipping.

journal fundraiser


Journal -$15

Filled with beautifully photographed hooked rugs, this Journal is a collection of works by Region Six ATHA Chapters. With 50+ pages, this journal is a great tool for taking notes at workshops or sketching out your next project.

Made in Akron, Ohio, USA.  Price includes shipping.





 "What is the Biennial and why should I go?"

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The event begins with a meet and greet Wednesday evening where members, vendors, ATHA board members and teachers can mingle, visit and enjoy hor devours. The ATHA General meeting follows which all Atha members  can attend. Classes are held Thursday, Friday and Saturday. ATHA members can drop off pre registered rugs for all to enjoy while visiting the wonderful vendors (15) set up in the same area. On Friday night entertainment will be a lively auction with auctioneer Gene Shepherd. The event ends Saturday night with a very special guest speaker, Deane Fitzpatrick.

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